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Remember when 30_kisses and a bunch of other little prompt communities sprang up all over LJ? Well, I’m here to do that on Dreamwidth now. All fandoms welcome, all ratings accepted, and all types of transformative works are welcome. These include (but are not limited to) fanfiction, fanart, webcomics, fanvids, Let’s Plays, song remixes, icons, 3D artwork, cosplay, meta, or whatever you can think to express your love of fandom. The sky’s the limit!

Creators of all levels are welcome and encouraged to join! I request that works NSFW/18+ in nature be labeled appropriately. Kids and people at work shouldn’t have to accidentally stumble upon porn, you know?

Claim your pairing here!

Does it have to be a romantic and/or sexual pairing? Yes. Do all works have to be sexual/NSFW in general? No, but I daresay many of them will. This community was designed with mature themes in general. If that's not something you're comfortable with, you can find a less sex-fueled variant of this community in [community profile] 15kisses.

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